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Armi683score:4.5 / 52022-05-27
Not bad, except it's a little small
leibo2001112score:4.0 / 52022-05-26
Not bad!
e00027506score:2.3 / 52022-05-22
I checked in once in 2009 and had a good impression. I chose it to travel with my family this time. As a result, it has become too old. From the room to the facilities, there is also noise around the railway station. There are many hotel reception meetings. They live on the 21st floor. In the morning, they are often full of elevator people. There are people calling on each floor. They all go to the 4th floor for meetings, which is torture.
bb4nancyscore:4.5 / 52022-05-22
Forget to take photos, but it's really good!!!
taiyang8023score:5.0 / 52022-05-22
The hotel facilities are very good, the service is also of a very high standard, friendly.
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